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Shandong deepens the development of the integration of textile industry and intelligence

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Recently, Shandong province has actively deepened the integration of the manufacturing industry with the Internet, deepened the structural reform of the supply side, and promoted the transformation of the new and old kinetic energy, and realized the transformation from Shandong to Shandong, and made a great leap from the manufacturing province to the manufacturing province.

In the field of intelligent manufacturing, Shandong will organize 6 major and more than 50 pilot demonstration projects, such as process intelligent manufacturing, discrete intelligent manufacturing, intelligent equipment and products, network cooperative manufacturing, large-scale personalized customization, and remote operation and maintenance services, and organize pilot demonstration enterprises. Industry and enterprises in the same industry to help each other, and promote the overall level of intelligent manufacturing industry. To speed up the transformation from demographic dividend to technical bonus, promote the application of textile and other fields, reduce industrial pressure and labor intensity, improve production efficiency and product quality, and strive for greater profit space.

In the field of textile and other fields, Shandong has developed and promoted a number of major impacts on the industry transformation and upgrading, the first (set) equipment and key components that can take the lead in realizing major innovation or substitute for import in China, and accelerate the improvement of the domestic level of high-end intelligent equipment. Support the Provincial Mechanical Design Research Institute with the Shandong University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, the Shandong Academy of Sciences and other colleges and universities to build the "Shandong intelligent manufacturing innovation center", and encourage the Provincial Mechanical Design Research Institute to cooperate with Huazhong University of Science and Technology to build the "national CNC system Engineering Technology Research Center Shandong sub center" and make full use of it. The advantages of scientific and technological talents in Institutions of higher learning and scientific research institutes provide support for the innovation of advanced equipment and intelligent manufacturing technology, talent training, transformation of achievements and industrial development in Shandong.

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