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Henan Haixin blanket Textile Co., Ltd.

Corporate Culture

  Enterprise vision: building China's first class blanket, creating a famous brand in textile industry.

  Enterprise aim: to provide first-class products and services, and realize the value of enterprises and individuals.

  Core values of enterprises: create value for users, create benefits for shareholders, create opportunities for employees, and give positive energy to society.

  Quality policy:

  To improve the quality of products with the impetus of scientific and technological innovation.

  On the basis of 6S management, improve production efficiency.

  On the basis of human resources, a harmonious enterprise is built.

  Taking customers as the focus to meet the demand of the market.

  Enterprise spirit: work diligently, treat people sincerely

  Style of work: quick response, cooperation and standard.

  Business strategy: market demand oriented, brand effect as capital;

  High quality service is the way, and scientific management is the means.

  Business philosophy: contract and keep credit. The success of our customers is our greatest success. Our success stems from the constant pursuit of quality by all staff.

  Staff belief: to do things well, to be honest, to be innovative and to be efficient.

  Quality view: the quality of my work is the quality of my life.

  The view of talent: everyone is a talent and a hero of performance.

  Management concept: people-oriented, system based, efficiency first, result oriented.

  Benefit view: the profit is glorious, and the loss is disgraceful.

  R & D philosophy: people without me, people have me, and people are superior to me.

  Safety concept: production must be safe and safety for production. Violation is suicide, illegal command is murder, violation is not an accomplice.

  Purchase concept: quality price ratio is the best, cooperation win.

  Marketing concept: create market opportunities to meet users' needs.




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